My observations of people, places, objects and moments as I’ve experienced them both close to home and during traveling, I hope these galleries suggest some of the wonder and pause the world has given me.

Looking Near

Image#1 - Walking man, Fresh Pond Reservoir, Cambridge, MA Image#2 - Leaves and light in th creek, Readington, NJ Image#3 - Parking garage, Burlington, VT Image#4 - Sailboat in mist, Waterville, ME Image#5 - Dead deer, Readington, NJ Image#6 - Wind in old trees, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA Image#7 - Statue and tree,  Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA Image#8 - Mom and Oni, Kennebec River Public Boat Launch, Waterville, ME

Looking Far

Image#1 - Hostel room, Cairns, Australia Image#2 - Barbed wire clothesline, Arenal, Costa Rica Image#3 - Cafe window - Sydney, Australia Image#4 - On the to Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia Image#5 - Rest stop, MT Image#6 - Danetree River, Queensland, Australia Image#7 - Old tree in the fog, Purisima, CA Image#8 - Wave, Point Reyes, CA Image#9 - Arctic Circle, Seaside Heights, NJ Image#10 - Sunset, Tamarindo, Costa Rica