I learned photography in a high school journalism class.  I promptly forgot most of what I was taught and a few years later I came up with a grandiose theory that taking photographs took something away from experiencing life as it happened.  Overly romantic and idealistic sometimes equals idiotic, but I can only say this in hindsight.   I came back to photography a more humble but no less idealistic person.  I hope that my photographs add some small amount of complexity, interest, and, if I dare to dream, beauty to the lives of their viewers.   I especially hope they will return some small token of kindness to the people who have loved and helped me as I have grown. And if the pictures don't achieve any of my ambitious goals, I still have a good time making them. I hope you enjoy them, too.

I am always eager to see what comes next.  I am always ready to make new mistakes.  I am grateful.