My observations of people, places, objects and moments as I’ve experienced them both close to home and during traveling, I hope these galleries suggest some of the wonder and pause the world has given me.

Surface Tension

For someone who feels inarticulate about much of what matters most, I talk too much. These images are my attempts to move to a place without words and struggle with the need to express what can and cannot be seen. All of the work is in progress; always incomplete but hopeful.


I keep coming back to portraits as a way to connect my photography to my life. The people depicted in these galleries have helped me grow as a person and an artist.

Living in the Past Tense is a small sampling of images I made while volunteering at a Cambridge nursing home. For three years I ran the Saturday morning bingo game and talked to people who needed connection with life beyond their present condition and the growing distance to their memories. I did slide shows of my photographs and they asked me why I never took pictures of them. More than a decade past and most if not all of them gone, I know now, as I did then, they gave me a gift I cannot return.

The portrait series, At Home, is a tribute to those friends, family, and mentors who have loved and nurtured me. At Home allowed me to travel with these people to places where they feel most at peace and true to themselves. The series is ongoing as is its inspiration.

Recent Work

Time seems to become an increasingly precious commodity, but I continue to shoot as often as I can. I hope that this gallery should change frequently as I continue to explore and dream with a camera and, now, a keyboard. Thank you for looking and if you feel so inclined, please let me know what you think.