Surface Tension

For someone who feels inarticulate about much of what matters most, I talk too much. These images are my attempts to move to a place without words and struggle with the need to express what can and cannot be seen. All of the work is in progress; always hopeful but incomplete.

With In The Land

Lungs, Portland, ME Guardian, Cambridge, MA First Face Revealed, Muir Woods, CA Laughing, Cambridge, MA Butterfly, Whitehouse Station, NJ Mask and Mandala, Watertown,MA Slumbering giant, Muir Woods, CA Water Mandala, Newton, MA


Remembering (An) Other Life

White's Pond daydream, Concord, MA Ivan and Virginia's tin roof, Benton, ME Fruit that never ripens/spoils, Benton,ME Rooted in time, Benton, ME Facing my abyss, Rio Negro, Jamaica



Fish tail wake, Boston, MA Feather Landscape, Cambridge, MA Topographical details in oil and mud, Burlington, VT Seahorse after the rain, Watertown, MA Heavy rain, Watertown, MA Dented dumpster, Belmont, MA
Winter growth, Watertown, MA


Ice and Snow

Growing beneath the ice, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA Curving line, Readington, NJ Embedded life, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA Fractures, Waterville, ME Footprints on black ice, Messalonskee Lake, North Belgrade, ME Silence, Charles River, Newton, MA Taking root, Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA