I keep coming back to portraits as a way to connect my photography to my life. The people depicted in these galleries have helped me grow as a person and an artist.

Living in the Past Tense is a small sampling of images I made while volunteering at a Cambridge nursing home. For three years I ran the Saturday morning bingo game and talked to people who needed connection with life beyond their present condition and the growing distance to their memories. I did slide shows of my photographs and they asked me why I never took pictures of them. More than a decade past and most if not all of them gone, I know now, as I did then, they gave me a gift I cannot return.

The portrait series, At Home, is a tribute to those friends, family, and mentors who have loved and nurtured me. At Home allowed me to travel with these people to places where they feel most at peace and true to themselves. The series is ongoing as is its inspiration.

Living In The Past Tense

Waiting without knowing why Catherine Losing to Erville again Auggie Erville Marion


At Home

Grandma Groleau in her backyard, Livermore Falls, ME Jason and Laura Bonander on the site of their future home, Decatur, GA Jeff about to cross the Taft Bridge, Washington, DC Ken Marden in the old bunkhouse, North Belgrade, ME Sid Mintz in his library, Baltimore, MD Yoav Horesh in his studio, New York, NY